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Ponderosa Tremuloides

Local artist and former NAU art lecturer Shawn Skabelund created Ponderosa Tremuloides in 2009. Skabelund constructed the sculpture to evoke three different trees: the timber is Ponderosa Pine, the brass tags symbolize the Quaking Aspen, and the line of sap bisecting the trunk is from Pinyon Pine. All three trees thrive in Northern Arizona's forests.

Skabelund grew up in McCall, Idaho, surrounded by nature, which continues to heavily influence his artwork. He has a BA in Drawing and an MFA in Drawing and Painting. His recent exhibits have focused on the environment and U.S.-Mexico borderlands issues, and tie the artwork to the community through site-specific, place-based details like those in Ponderosa Tremuloides. Skabelund now lives in Flagstaff with his family and creates art full-time.

Shawn Skabelund discusses his artistic process and inspiration in this 2015 oral interview.