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Through the Roof statue

Randy Kuehn created Through the Roof as an NAU student to be a monument to self-reflection and evaluation. Northern Arizona University (NAU) installed this sculpture in 1999 as part of the centennial project celebrating the school's history.

Many artists on campus have interpreted Through the Roof as symbolizing the unconscious reality of the 20th century, encouraging introspection in its viewers. Though Kuehn never intended that the statue should have any special meaning, he preferred to see students interact with Through the Roof in humorous ways, such as dressing it up.

This is the only public art created by Kuehn, now a librarian at the University of Louisville. Nevertheless, his Through the Roof remains an admired part of the NAU campus.

In this interview, Randy Kuehn discusses the university accepting his application to make Through the Roof.



Randy Kuehn discusses student interaction with Through the Roof in this 2015 interview.