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Cottage City

Cottage City, east of today's Cline Library, contained three different residential units between 1921 and 1984. Northern Arizona Normal School erected fifty "collapsible cottages" with dirt floors and few amenities for summer students in 1921. During the Depression, a few cottages gained heat and water.

In 1939, the Civilian Conservation Corps constructed fifty stone cottages with concrete floors nearby for married students. These were laid out in two, U-shaped rows containing seventy-six apartments, plus bathhouse, laundry, and study hall. During WWII, nearby ordnance workers occupied them. Afterward, cottage city had an elected council, a Lumberjack column, and nursery. NAU dismantled the cottages in 1984.

Another section, nicknamed "Splinter City," included several WWII surplus barracks moved onto campus in 1946 for veterans. These disappeared by 1965.