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Skidmore Field

On October 28, 1933, Arizona State Teachers College at Flagstaff (ASTC) dedicated Skidmore Field as the primary outdoor athletic grounds. Soon after, the college added wooden bleachers and a cinder track. In 1948, it installed stadium seating and lights. As the campus expanded, Lumberjack Stadium replaced Skidmore Field in 1957.

The college named the field after William Ralph Skidmore, who served as the head of the Science Department and the first president of the Border Athletic Conference from 1931 to 1932. Skidmore had died in 1932 while duck hunting at Lake Mary. Today, the site of Skidmore Field is the home of the Science Building, Liberal Arts Building, and portions of Peterson and Babbitt Halls.

Alum Sam Borozan recounts memories associated with Skidmore Field in this 2009 oral history.