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The Louie's Legacy Project

The North Quad QR Code District

Louie's Legacy: The North Quad QR Code Project is the first phase of the Mountain Campus QR Code Project, completed in 2014 through a collaborative effort of the Northern Arizona University (NAU) History department, its first Public History class, and Cline Library Special Collections and Archives. Over the spring 2014 semester, five M.A. public history students, their professor, and a digital archivist identified thirty six sites in NAU's historic district near Old Main, researched their histories, and found unique photographs, oral histories, and original news stories about each site. The students then wrote and installed the data to web sites accessible by using a smart phone or tablet to scan QR code stickers installed on the front doors of buildings in the historic district. Additional information on “nearby objects,” such as art work , is available through links on each page. A list of cross-reference “tags” provided for each object, such as "architecture" or "campus life," allows visitors to construct unique thematic tours as well. The result combines history and cutting-edge technology to allow everyone with a smart phone or tablet to create their own personal, self-guided digital tour of the North Quad.


Portion of recording of popular song, "Ragtime Cowboy Joe," 1912



U.S. Senator Henry F. Ashurst discusses the introduction of the bill creating Northern Arizona Normal School. Call number: NAU.OH.57.15



U.S. Senator Henry F. Ashurst remembers the official opening of the teachers' school. Call number: NAU.OH.57.15



Dr. Martin Fronkse on the events on campus during the great 1918 Flu Epidemic. Call number: NAU.OH.28.18