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NAU Police Department

In 1950, NAU Police Department (NAUPD)'s forerunner began when Arizona State College at Flagstaff hired a night watchman. By 1963, growing enrollment mandated a new Security Division, operating first from today's North Heating and Cooling Plant and then the present Anthropology Lab near the Observatory. Around 1973, the University also began its own police and maintained both forces for a while. By 1985, only the police remained, with offices under Lumberjack Stadium's west stands. A 2009 renovation moved NAUPD to its present location, Emerald City's Building A, south of the Skydome.

In 2016, NAUPD's twenty-one police officers serve more than 20,000 students and 3500 faculty and staff across the Mountain Campus's 100 buildings. It patrols in eight cars, on foot, bicycle, and Segways.