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Open Forum House

During the 1930s, students of Arizona State Teachers College at Flagstaff created a group called the Open Forum which held meetings to discuss social issues on campus and of national concern. Desiring a building to house their forums, students and faculty started fund raising activities called Campus or Lumberjack Follies. These shows featured dances, singing, plays, and talent shows. In fact, they proved so successful the College continued to hold them years after the house's construction in 1933. Students used local lumber and stones for the structure and constructed it southwest of the College Gymnasium, now called the Riles Building.

In 1949, Arizona State College at Flagstaff demolished the house to make room for the growing campus. The traditions of discussion and debated started by the Open Forum continue today at Northern Arizona University where over 300 clubs and organizations are currently registered with the Office of Student Life. Like the Open Forum, these organizations give students a platform for their voices to be heard.