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Hanley Hall

Built in 1912 to serve as a dining facility, Hanley Hall is named in honor of Margaret Ann "Mother" Hanley who ran campus-dining facilities from 1912 to 1953. After serving as the primary dining facility on campus for over two decades, Hanley Hall performed many functions over the next five decades. In 1937, the Public Works Administration renovated it to house the Science Department. Eleven years later it became a men's dormitory and then in the 1960s, a biology lab used the basement. It 1999 the University repurposed it again into office space.

The University razed Hanley Hall in 2005 though it preserved many exterior stones and has incorporated them into the Science Lab Facility. The Bean and Beaker Café, housed in the east side of the building, continues the dining facility's legacy of keeping Northern Arizona University students fed. Memorials to Hanley Hall and "Mother" Hanley can be found in the lobby of the new building and on its west side facing the Quad.

  • This January 2007 article from Inside NAU announces the opening of the Lab Science Facility now standing where Hanley Hall once did. link

Oral interview with Andrew L. Wolf in 1976 describing Hanley Hall's dining room rules and practices. Call number: NAU.OH.28.43


Oral interview with Frances and Clarabelle Decker in 1976 recalling Hanley Hall as a dance hall and the required attire of the dining room. Call number: NAU.OH.28.12