Navajo Canyon

From a point near 36.816861° N, 110.936844° W, 4902′ elev, the 1928 JJH photograph looks WNW down Navajo Creek, toward the Colorado River (now inundated by Lake Powell), beneath the horizon. This is the only JJH photograph of known location taken in Navajo Canyon. Numerous other photographs are believed to be taken in Navajo Canyon, given the way JJH arranged them some 90 years ago. These photographs are mostly up-close shots with limited fields of view. Even worse, some of the then-existing, valley-bottom terrain on which the JJH camera was situated may have been destroyed by the incision since 1928.

The limitations of Goog-lepeats at close distances as viable repeat photographs is apparent in these two images. Because Google Earth images such as this are always look straight down, they can “see” close-in features that a real camera oriented approximately horizontal cannot see.

Navajo Canyon original
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Navajo Canyon repeat
Courtesy Google Earth