Navajo Canyon Exit

The 1928 trip began by starting up the newly built road to Rainbow Lodge and Navajo Mountain. Water shortages on the plateaus, however, forced the group down into Navajo Canyon, along the trail to Inscription House. We have not yet visited Navajo Canyon to repeat Hanks photographs there, and the trail we think they followed is only a best guess. The photographs shown here document the site where the 1928 trip exited Navajo Canyon just above Chaiyahi Flat and just several miles south of Rainbow Lodge on the southwest side of Navajo Mountain. Haystack Rock, hidden by the horse in 1928, is visible in the 2005 photograph. The foreground, which appears lower in the 2005 photo, shows signs of erosion.

View of Navajo Mountain from the south, from edge of Navajo Creek tributary (1928)
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