Bubbling Springs Canyon

The camera station for this repeat photography pair is close to the confluence of Bubbling Spring Canyon and Long Canyon. Tsegi Canyon became Long Canyon at the confluence of Betatakin Creek, but both are drained by Laguna Creek. The Wetherill Trail will exit the Tsegi complex of canyons to return to the high plateau further up Bubbling Springs Canyon, but there are no Hanks photographs to document just where. The Hanks photographs here document arroyo incision in the middle ground by 1927, and the 2006 photographs document arroyo incision continuing until the present time, even up the minor, tributary-to-a-tributary in the foreground.

The first of the additional images shows significant incision by the time of the 1927 expedition, but this camera site has not been located.

Another campsite in the Tsagi (1927)
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Additional Images in Bubbling Springs Canyon (click to enlarge)