Phase Two

“Creating A Vision”

September 1996 – January 1997

Phase Two goals were to review and discuss what the teams had learned from Phase One, further promote and hold community discussions, and create the community vision that would carry the Flagstaff 2020 project through its end.

Phase Two included two major events: the Probable Future Forum on October 17, 1996 and VisionFest, held December 7, 1996.

A major aspect of Phase Two was choosing and defining the seven target areas to help Flagstaff 2020 team create its action plan for the city moving forward. These seven topics came out of the community discussion forums that were held during Phase One.

Further discussion and planning in each target area was coordinated by the Action Teams, who worked to better define the issues in both Phase Two and Phase Three.

The full reports and action plans to address these target areas created by the seven Action Teams can be found in A Vision for our Community. Each Action Team also describes its hopes for Flagstaff in the year 2020 related to that target area.

Target area graphic for Flagstaff 2020
Flagstaff 2020 target areas graphic utilized in A Vision for our Community. Personal collection of Steven C. Ames.