Action Teams

The Action Teams were formed in March 1997 during Phase Three of the visioning process. There were seven Action Teams formed to reflect the seven target areas of concern which arose in Phase Two.

In the clip below, participants in VisionFest discuss several different target areas, including Strengthening & Sustaining Community, Fostering Human Development, and Family Life, Health & Safety. Watch the entire video recording of VisionFest via Digital Collections.

Above: An excerpt from Channel 13’s Vision Fest footage showing participants discussing Flagstaff 2020 target areas.

Action Team members were chosen as to ensure equal representation and expertise between teams. Members of the Vision Task Force were encouraged to join different Action Teams, as well. Members of the Management Committee contributed “experts” within specific fields to help on the teams. Specific institutions and interest groups also brought forward representatives to work on these teams. And, much like the rest of the project, greater Flagstaff community members volunteered to join teams based on their own interests.

Each Action Team’s main mission was to draft and develop action plans that would go into the final report, A Vision for our Community. Each Action Team had a group leader and co-leader to head discussions and represent the group during consolidation meetings.

Sustaining Community

  • Lowell Shira, Team Leader
  • John C. Irish, Co-Leader
  • James E. Babbitt
  • Patricia A. Garcia
  • Edward Groenhout
  • Mark Guard
  • Patricia Wong Hall
  • Linda Henden
  • Joe C. Montoya
  • Lisa Rayner
  • Victoria J. Ruscher
  • Kris Williams

Creating Economic Opportunity

  • David Maurer, Team Leader
  • Brown Russell, Co-Leader
  • Grenetta Fink
  • Marilee Fowler
  • Michael Lainoff
  • Matt McGlamery
  • Stephanie McKinney
  • Bob Ower
  • Beth Packard
  • Tara Mia Paone
  • Eve Rosss
  • Stephen Schenck
  • Lara Schmit

Fostering Human Development

  • Julianne E. Hartzell, Team Leader
  • Alan Petersen, Co-Leader
  • Bonni Jo Drye
  • Terree Duncan
  • Susan Golightly
  • Betsy G. Hager
  • Beryl Halladay
  • Paul Jones
  • Kent D. Matheson
  • John M. McLaughlin
  • Bob Millis
  • Sally Russell
  • Kathy Turner

Protecting the Environment

  • Sharon Metzler, Team Leader
  • Kim Watson, Co-Leader
  • William C. Cordasco
  • Benjamin J. Crysler
  • Karen Delaibau
  • Jan Kerata
  • Ron Long
  • Norm Lowe
  • Rick Moore
  • Nina Schmidt
  • Ed Smith
  • Bill Towler
  • Eliza Walbridge

Promoting Family Life, Health and Safety

  • Shelly Hall, Team Leader
  • M. Carol Curtis, Co-Leader
  • Beth Brown
  • Mary Ellen Crowley
  • Margaret Roush-Meier
  • Penni Patterson
  • Kim Podobnik
  • Duane Shimpach
  • Dino Thompson
  • Lina Wallen
  • Bruce Weisensel
  • Barbara Wightman

Improving Housing and Livability

  • Helen Hudgens, Team Leader
  • Dave Lembke, Co-leader
  • Jon Baker
  • Shari Buhan
  • Debbie Kelly Cutlip
  • Irina W. Froning
  • John Kalinich
  • Mark Lamberson
  • Paul Moore
  • Andrew Rael
  • Katrina Rogers
  • Linda Sherman
  • Jenny Steffel
  • Kathy Willis
  • Mark Woodson

Managing Growth

  • Sue Pratt, Team Leader
  • Ursula Montaño, Co-Leader
  • Brad Ack
  • Bruce Ackley
  • Vickie Amabisca
  • Ron Boyer
  • Jonathan Day
  • Jack Dempsey
  • Lance Diskan
  • Jim Jamison
  • Pat Loven
  • Ann E. Ralles
  • Jean L. Richmond
  • Nat White