Many people worked and volunteered for Flagstaff 2020 in different capacities. As Mayor Christopher Bavasi wrote in a proclamation declaring September 21, 1996 “Hands on Flagstaff’s Future Day,” “the greater Flagstaff citizenry, along with Vision Task Force, are partners in the development and implementation of a participatory community-wide visioning process.”

While hundreds of community members participated in community meetings and events and voiced their opinions, there are certain individuals who had even more hands-on interaction with the community visioning process.

Teams and committees were formed at different phases throughout the project to facilitate community forums, vision and action plan drafting, and general managerial concerns.

Proclamation for Hands on Flagstaff's Future Day from Flagstaff Mayor Christopher Bavasi
Proclamation [for Hands on Flagstaff’s Future Day]. Flagstaff 2020 Records [manuscripts], NAU.MS.294, Box 8, Folder 178. View this item via Digital Collections.

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