Protecting the Environment

Flagstaff and its residents have always treasured their natural environment, so it is no surprise that “protecting the environment” was an especially important target area in the Flagstaff 2020 community visioning process.

This target area is the largest in scope and most ambitious as far as its plans for the future. It encapsulated the health and well-being of Flagstaff citizens, wildlife, and natural landscapes. The Action Team’s main goal was that the Flagstaff community’s love of the local environment would not diminish, and that Flagstaff’s unique natural environment itself would be preserved for future generations.

Main Themes

Open Spaces and Greenways
Scenic Views
Healthy Forests
Historic and Cultural Resources
Air Quality
Water Resources
Solid Waste Management
Noise Pollution
Night Skies
Environmental Urban Design
Environmentally-Friendly Industry
Environmentally-Sensitive Lifestyles
Low-impact Recreation
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Flagstaff 2020 Community Visioning Process Target Areas of Concern [page 2]. Flagstaff 2020 Records [manuscripts], NAU.MS.294, Box 1, Folder 3. View this item via Digital Collections.