Probable Future Forum

One of the research and visioning models that Steven Ames Planning brought to the Flagstaff 2020 team was forecasting. The Probable Future Forum asked residents of greater Flagstaff to imagine what the city would look like in 2020 if they didn’t undertake long-term community visioning and planning. The forum was held October 17, 1996 at Flagstaff City Hall and facilitated by Steven Ames, among others.

In the clip below, attendees at the Probable Future Forum discuss issues such as lack of industry and economic development in Flagstaff, the importance of having a locally trained workforce, and the city’s efforts to develop an Open Spaces and Greenways Plan. Watch the entire video recording of the Probable Future Forum via Digital Collections.

Above: Attendees at the Probable Future Forum, including Steven Ames, Betsy McKellar and Ursula Montaño, discuss issues related to economic development and environmental protections, including open spaces and greenways.
Flagstaff 2020 Probable Future overhead
Flagstaff 2020 Probable Future [presentation overheads]. Artwork by Jim (James Ward) Byrkit. Circa 1996. Flagstaff 2020 Records [manuscripts], NAU.MS.294, Box 7, Folder 132. Click to view the item via Digital Collections.
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