Promoting Family Life, Health and Safety

The goals of the “Promoting Family Life, Health and Safety” target area were centered around the mental and physical health of Flagstaff’s citizens. The Action Team emphasized the importance of community agencies creating, funding, and otherwise supporting programs which would promote health and safety for all residents. Other goals included supporting families, especially the elderly and children/teenagers, to ensure that they had an enjoyable community to grow up and grow old in.

Main Themes

Supporting Families
Care for Children
Teenagers as Partners
Care of Seniors
Health and Mental Health
Fitness and Wellness
Community Safety
Promoting Family Life, Health & Safety clipart
Flagstaff 2020 Community Visioning Process Target Areas of Concern. Flagstaff 2020 Records [manuscripts], NAU.MS.294, Box 1, Folder 3. View this item via Digital Collections.