The River

“She wasn’t afraid of doing anything. I mean, in fact, it was more than once she would hike into the Grand Canyon in the middle of the night to meet river trips. I mean, I drove her to the canyon, at least twice, to hike down to meet Running or to meet a river trip to be on the river because she loved that as well.” -Richard Jackson

“We were coming through Lava Falls … and there’s a last wave that comes off of this big black rock … and I look up and there’s this small woman with a camera, photographing as we came through and she’s sitting on the black rock, and I thought, ‘wow, that’s pretty cool.’ -Kelly Burke

Time spent on the river was a large part of Bennett’s life, taking frequent trips with friends, family, scientists, and clients. Bennett kept detailed journals of her river trips, which are beautifully splattered with Polaroids of the canyon. She could often be found sitting among the rocks capturing images of people navigating the rapids of the Colorado River.

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