Exhibit Reception

Nearly 150 people attended an invitation-only reception for the Sue Bennett exhibit on Friday, October 27, 2017. Please enjoy some photographs and a short film documenting this special event in Special Collections and Archives.

Our thanks to Special Collections and Archives Student Assistant Will McMullan for taking the footage and his strong, thoughtful, and appreciated editing skills.

Additional thanks to Special Collections and Archives Student Assistant Ryan Hitt for taking images from the reception. These are included below.

SCA Student Assistant Will McMullan Filming Shannon Sassone RSVP Table and Guests Bennett Reception Guests Blythe and Stewart Koyiyumptewa, Peter Runge Bennett Reception Guests Britney Bibeault Bennett Reception Guests Shepherd Tsosie Lumberjack Axe Bennett Reception Guests Brittany Blanchard Laura Taylor and others at Portfolio Case Bennett Exhibit GuestsBennetts and Family Pictures Steve and Chantal Bennett with their ChildrenBennett Family at Reception Rosanne Olsen, Kristen and Keiji Iwai, John Running, and Ted McMahon  Sean Evans and Vogelsangs John Running and Terry LiraPeter Runge RemarksCynthia Childrey RemarksShannon Sassone RemarksJonathan Pringle RemarksSteve Bennett Remarks John Running Remarks      Monty and Dave Edwards John Running with Bennetts Peter Runge, Jonathan Pringle, Eston Littleboy Cindy Summers and Evan Galipeau Mowana Lomaomvaya and SCA Student Assistants Chantal Bennett with Daughter and Keiji Iwai Matt Beaty Stewart Koyiyumptewa and Katie Bennett Shannon Sassone and Taylor Mahoney Bennett Reception Guests Bennett Reception Guests Bennett Reception Guests Using the Light Table Emily Garrett and Michael Collier Stewart Koyiyumptewa