We wish to acknowledge and credit the following individuals for their thoughtful and collaborative contributions to this exhibit:

Cline Library, Special Collections and Archives

Exhibit Project Team

  • Shannon Sassone, Elizabeth M. and P.T. Reilly Intern, 2017
  • Jonathan Pringle, Archivist, Arrangement & Description and Project Manager
  • Jess Vogelsang, Digital Access Library Specialist, Sr.
  • Peter Runge, Head, Special Collections and Archives

Special Collections and Archives

  • Sean Evans, Archivist
  • Kelly Phillips, Archivist, Collections Management
  • Cindy Summers, Library Specialist, Sr.
  • Delia Muñoz, Library Specialist
  • SCA Student Assistants (Mowana Lomaomvaya; Ryan Hitt; Britney Bibeault; Celeste Tabares; Evan Galipeau; Will McMullan; Tierza Petropulos)

Cline Library, Office of the Dean

  • Cynthia Childrey, Dean and University Librarian
  • Kathleen Schmand, Director of Development and Communications
  • Jill Friedmann, Assistant Dean
  • Laura Taylor, Assistant Dean
  • Lauri Budzinsky, Building Coordinator
  • Nancy Pitz, Administrative Assistant
  • Carol Covington, Administrative Associate
  • Linda Braswell, Assistant to the Dean

Cline Library Technology Services

  • Andrew Roazen, Applications Systems Analyst
  • Mike Taylor, Systems Administrator, Sr.

Northern Arizona University

  • Dylan Turner, NAU Printing Services
  • Morgan Mason, Office of Disability Resources
  • NAU Facility Services (Mike Carr; Marwin Yazzie)

The Framing Department at Hidden Light

  • Stephen Saunders
  • Matt and Kristen Beaty
  • Taylor Mahoney

Jason Hasenbank, Off the Wall Frameshop & Design Studio

Bennett Oral History and Remembrance Contributors (to date . . .)

  • Richard Jackson
  • Paul Berg
  • Keiji and Kristen Iwai
  • John Running
  • Dave Edwards
  • Kelly Burke
  • Rosanne Olson & Ted McMahon
  • David Zickl
  • Dawn Kish
  • Joanne Gallaher
  • Bill Gillette
  • Kitty McGee
  • Charles Lohrmann