Youth Visioning

Youth visioning was a major aspect of Flagstaff 2020. Julianne Hartzell, assisted by Project Coordinator Kathy Turner, reached out to local elementary and high schools within Flagstaff Unified School District (FUSD) to better represent the perspectives of future generations of Flagstaff.

Students standing in front of their Flagstaff 2020 project at VisionFest.
Students presenting their visioning project at VisionFest. December 7, 1996. Personal collection of Steven C. Ames.

In the clip below, Julianne Hartzell recalls some of the more striking ideas proposed by young people during Flagstaff 2020. Watch Hartzell’s entire oral history interview via Digital Collections.

Younger students were encouraged to create school projects depicting what they wanted Flagstaff to look like in the year 2020. Older students were interviewed to get their feedback, in a manner similar to the feedback solicited at community meetings held around Flagstaff.

What do you want Flagstaff to look like in 20 years?
[Letter from Kathy Turner and Julianne Hartzell to educators regarding student participation in Flagstaff 2020, with enclosures]. July 26, 1996. Flagstaff 2020 Records [manuscripts], NAU.MS.294, Box 3, Folder, 61. Click to view this item via Digital Collections.
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Feedback from students at Mount Elden Middle School.
[Feedback from middle school and high school students in Flagstaff, Arizona regarding what they would want as part of Flagstaff 2020]. Circa 1996. Flagstaff 2020 Records [manuscripts], NAU.MS.294, Box 1, Folder 18. Click to view this item via Digital Collections.
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Students presented their ideas and school projects at VisionFest. In the clip below, Morgan Frazier and Katie Phelps from DeMiguel Elementary School present their project on parks in Flagstaff.