Phase Four

“Sustaining the Vision”

July 1997 – 2020

At the end of Phase Three, the Flagstaff 2020 team published its final report, A Vision for our Community. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed by the representatives from all nine sectors of the Management Committee. This MOU was meant to recognize the long-term planning project that had taken place over the past 18-months. A copy was included in A Vision for our Community. View the entire Flagstaff 2020 final report, A Vision for our Community, via Digital Collections.

A Vision for our Community (Chapter Five, MOU, page 194)
A Vision for our Community. 1997. Flagstaff 2020 Records [manuscripts], NAU.MS.294, Box 8, Folder 183. Click to view this item via Digital Collections.
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Phase Four of the Flagstaff 2020 community visioning process was titled “Continuing the Vision.” It was intended to last up to the year 2020. The community vision and action plans created in Phase Three by the Action Teams would guide the City of Flagstaff in making all future decisions to ensure that the 2020 vision was realized.

The Flagstaff 2020 Memorandum of Understanding stated in part:

WHEREAS, now that the 2020 Vision has been finalized, it will be used to inform and inspire the community as it moves into the next century.

A Vision for Our Community, Flagstaff 2020, 1997, p. 193

Phase Four is the most difficult of the four Flagstaff 2020 phases to evaluate, as it is meant to still be going on today. Participants in the original Flagstaff 2020 project reflect that, while many aspects of the 2020 vision are or were implemented, the lack of dedicated follow up efforts means that Flagstaff 2020’s long-term impact is hard to measure.