Phase One

“Setting a Context”

April-August 1996

Phase One of the Flagstaff 2020 project was described as “Setting a Context.” The goal of this phase was to gather preliminary information from the community so that the Management Committee, Project Management Team, Project Coordinator, and Vision Task Force could design the Flagstaff 2020 teams and timeline to fit the city’s needs. During Phase One, Flagstaff 2020 held many introductory meetings to make the public aware of Flagstaff 2020 and engage community members in participating in the visioning process.

A major aspect of Phase One was “establishing and disseminating a ‘knowledge base’” for the entire community visioning process. During Phase One, Flagstaff 2020 gathered research materials and collected information about the shared community values of greater Flagstaff area residents. This involved formal survey research conducted by the Social Research Laboratory and qualitative data collected by NAU’s Anthropology 599 students, as well as informal information gathered at various public meetings.

Below you can read note cards with feedback written by residents of the greater Flagstaff area who attended these community meetings.

"The Citizens of Flagstaff must realize they are not an island with no way for new citizens to arrive to live in the future. They will come."
[Personal Flagstaff 2020 vision notecards.] Circa 1996. Flagstaff 2020 Records [manuscripts], NAU.MS.294, Box 1, Folder 2. Click to view this item via Digital Collections.
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