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Sechrist Hall

Sechrist Hall, Northern Arizona University's (NAU) tallest building and the first high-rise structure built in northern Arizona, opened its doors on January 20, 1967. The university named the eight-story residence hall after Dr. C.W. Sechrist, a physician, legislator, Flagstaff school board president, and longtime supporter of NAU.

Sechrist began as an all-male dorm that housed 608 residents, mostly first and second year students. A hall tradition included the "Sechrist Psychos," a group of residents who wore hockey masks to football and basketball games to show their support. In the 1970s, the university added a dining hall to the structure. In 2000, NAU converted the dorm to coeducational. The building now also houses the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and Campus Tours.

In a 2010 interview with Lucy Walkup, she tells an entertaining story about students' concern over the possible tilting of Sechrist Hall. NAU.OH.2009.124.7