Food & Lodging

As corporations began to see the value of tourism in the canyon, businesses expanded and thrived on the rim and even below it. Fred Harvey became the main concessioner of the South Rim and the Utah Parks Co. became the main concessioner of the North. The early settlers that squatted down to make a living in the 1800s were thinned out but some remained. The Kolb Studio, Verkamp's Curios, and Babbitt's General Store all stayed in business and remain on the rim to this day. Today all lodging is run by the park's sole concessioner, Xanterra. Campgrounds in the canyon are maintained by the park's service but Xanterra still operates Phantom Ranch, where the same hiker's stew, steak, and sack lunch are still available for purchase.

El Tovar Hotel and Bright Angel Lodge Menus.
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