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North Hall

The construction of North Hall in 1931 completed the North, or Women's Quadrangle of dormitories. With 476 students enrolled for the 1930-1931 school year, student housing was at maximum capacity. To meet these demands, the school commissioned the W.B. Goble construction firm to build North Hall. Local businessmen contributed $17,900 to complete a simple, wood- framed structure in one month.

Both the interior and exterior of North Hall have changed over the years. Renovations by the Public Works Administration during the Great Depression added a Jeffersonian frontispiece and lunette window to the dormitory. In 1950, Arizona State College at Flagstaff converted the dining hall into a recreation facility. The college again remodeled the Hall in 1954, creating "convertible" dorm rooms that could house fifty women during the year and then be rearranged into nineteen apartments for married students during the summers.

No longer needed as a dormitory, in 2004 North Hall became the home of the Office of Residence Life. Today it also houses the Office of Greek Life.

1996 interview with Elizabeth White, a music student in the 1930s, giving a brief overview of moving into North Hall. Call number: NAU.OH.96.108.30