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Herrington House

Built in 1904, George Herrington’s house stood where the Blome Building is today. Herrington managed Flagstaff Electric Light Company, the town's first such business. Constructed in the Queen Anne style, the wood-framed structure sat atop a stone foundation. In 1920, Northern Arizona Normal School moved it behind Ashurst Auditorium to make room for the Teacher Training School.

After its relocation, the School renovated Herrington into a fourteen-room bungalow for domestic arts classes. President Lynn McMullen, however, decided it better served as his house. Previously, presidential families resided in students' dormitories as "house parents." In the 1930s, when enrollment outgrew available housing, President Grady Gammage’s family reopened Herrington to students. The Walkup family was the last to reside there, moving to a newly-built president’s house where Hotel and Restaurant Management now stands.

From 1959 until its demolition in 1987, Herrington served a number of occupants, including the Counseling Center (1959-1979) and Athletics (1981-1983). Since 1999, two pieces of modern art have occupied the former site of Herrington House: Randy's Kuehn's Through the Roof, and Shawn Skabelund's Ponderosa Tremuloid.