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The Day Louie the Lumberjack Visited Special Collections and Archives

It isn’t often we get celebrities in the archives, but we had a special one on Monday July 1th. He came striding in, Ax in hand just like he owned the place!

He blew in the doors like he owned the place!

The pensive Louie contemplating the wonders of the Pine.


Louie the Lumberjack came to the Cline Library, Special Collections and Archives on Monday morning to check out our holdings of the alumni magazine, the Pine, and to film a little video footage. Like all celebrities, Louie did have a small entourage with him.



Louie reading select issues of the Pine while the camera crew, director and handlers look on…

Louie also meets the historic 1933 mascot: the 25 lb. copper Lumberjack ax!


In reality, the filming was being done to create a video (that will go out to alumni) to promote the news that the Pine is coming back as a paper periodical(!). From as nearly as we can tell, one of the first issues of the Pine came in October 1957 to promote Arizona State College news and events around homecoming that year-unfortunately we don’t know when volume 1 was printed.  The Pine may have been a little episodic until 1961, but the had a solid print publication history until the late 2000s when it became a digital publication. The Pine then to a little hiatus after the Fall 2015 issue.  The Pine as a title has a very long history at our university. It was first used as the title of the student newspaper (before the Lumberjack). Welcome the Pine back!

Meanwhile for other campus-related publications and history, know that the Special Collections and Archives website provides full-text, online access to the Pine and Lumberjack student newspapers, the La Cuesta yearbook, and to commencement programs.

Visit the archive online or in person to see these treasures. Even Louie thinks its fun!


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