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Fun with History 205-Public Presentations in Cline Library

Bessie Hyde in boat below Tuckup Canyon, Grand Canyon Mile 165 on 11/27/1928

Every semester Dr. Linda Wood’s History 205 learns about historical research by investigating the disappearance of Glenn and Bessie Hyde. To facilitate this, Special Collections and Archives participates by providing mass access to:

  • MS 33 The Glen Hyde Collection
  • MS 77 The Martin Anderson Collection, Series 8, Box 13, the Hyde Mystery
  • MS 318 The Bones in the Boathouse Collection
  • NAU.PH.2001.11.1-4 Glen Hyde photo albums
  • Map 247.01 Scroll Map of the Colorado River
  • F788.D556 2001 Dimock, Brad, Sunk Without a Sound: The Tragic Colorado River Honeymoon of Glen and Bessie Hyde
  • In addition, the students get to see the Kolb movie that documented the finding of the Hyde’s boat

It is a nice mix of primary and secondary source students consult so that they can complete their assignment- which is to create a prototype for a sign to be installed where the Hyde boat was found, to explain the event to people on the river. The student presentations are this week, Sept. 14, 11:10-12:30 in Special Collections. The student’s works are always entertaining!


Also related to HIS 205 is a talk to be given by local historian John Westerland to Dr. Wood’s class on his research into the Mt. Elden gravesite, and the commonly known story behind the grave. This is Dr. Westerlund’s trip through history to attempt to verify the story behind the murder of little John Edlen Jr. Dr. Westerlund’s talk will be in Cline Library rm. 200, September 28 at 11:10am.


Who says the Historical Method isn’t fun!

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