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Hopi Portraits

Running visited the Hopi mesas multiple times between 1982 and 2012. He photographed people in their homes and dancers in costume. In his book, Honor Dance: Native American Photographs, he recounts a significant visit with a Hopi man.

"We first met when I walked out into his field to ask if I could take pictures of him harvesting his corn. He answered, 'No.' I had an assignment to make pictures of the Hopi corn harvest so I persisted and asked again, 'I would be able to pay you something if you let me take pictures of you with your corn.' He replied, 'I don’t need any money, but I need help. You help me tomorrow and then you can take your pictures the next day.' When I agreed to his offer he told me I could spend the night at his home ... The next day after an early breakfast of scrambled eggs, beans, and chilies we went to the field and harvested corn all day by pulling the dried corn off the stalks, carrying it to the pickup and driving it up to the house. The day after that, I made my pictures. I made better pictures because I understood a little more. "