Bill Belknap

A native of New York State, Bill Belknap was born with an incurable interest in everything Indian. He moved west at a very early age and spent every possible moment at the Grand Canyon and with the Hopi Indians. It was here that he met Frances Spencer, his future bride and life-long partner.

During World War II, he trained at Life magazine and served as White House photographer for the U.S. Navy. Later, he became a frequent contributor to National Geographic and other publications as author and photographer. Bill and Fran co-authored Gunnar Widforss, Painter of the Grand Canyon, followed by Billís book, Fred Kabotie: Hopi Indian Artist.

Through meeting and photographing some of the legendary Grand Canyon river people, such as Emery Kolb, Buzz Holmstrom, Norm Nevills, and Dock Marston, Bill became deeply involved in river running. From the early 1950s, he participated in, photographed, and wrote about his Canyon adventures.

Together, Bill and Fran, son Buzz, and daughter Loie, started a river company that offered full-participation sportyak trips along with a publishing company, Westwater Books, which produces this Guide series.

Bill Belknap loved people and sharing with them the things he loved most--his knowledge of rivers, canyons, deserts, Indians, and photography.

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