Are you taking
pictures or
giving them?

Semper Paratus

Are you taking pictures or giving them? Giving pictures means thinking about the poor victim who’ll be looking at them. Have fun--it'll show in your pictures.

Successful pictures usually combine a good idea with an exciting design. Lots of people excuse lousy pictures by saying they're just "record shots," "I just made this one for myself." If you made it just for yourself, why are you showing it? Pictures don't have to be dull to be of scientific value. There's this phony misconception that to make your pictures interesting is unscientific. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Semper Paratus--"Be ready" is the photographer's motto. Even if you use high-powered equipment, it's good to have a quickie camera too. Automatic cameras are great--or you can have the best of both worlds.

Arrange your gear so you can get to it quickly. Camera cases are a real menace--use your camera bare. It's surprising how seldom it gets dirty or beat up and how many more and better pictures you'll shoot. Lens caps only keep out good pictures. Being mentally ready is most important. Think ahead--think through and rehearse what’ll probably happen— and what could! And be ready for it!

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