The professional

in the

"Pitch the
really bad
that's right
--pitch 'em."

Bill Belknap

The professional approach--a closeup. A pro is always thinking how to get his camera where nobody has ever had a camera before. He is someone who never shows anybody his mistakes. When a pro blows a picture, he throws it away. The bad pictures you don't show can't be used against you.

A pro uses all the testing, rehearsing, backups, and pre-planning as possible. The only way anybody can be sure is to experiment. Use backups whenever you can. Make several shots--pros often carry more than one camera. And a pro never stops experimenting.

The real thrill in photography is that no matter how experienced you get, you still never really know how a picture's going to turn out! You get so you know pretty well, but there are always surprises. You always learn!

Pandemonium in the condominium, or what do you do with your pictures at home? Just because you've made a picture doesn't mean it's sacred and has to be kept the rest of your life. You can throw the bad ones away. To get your money's worth out of your good photos, you need to be able to find them and look at them easily.

First, use a projector and mini screen. A light table and hand lens helps or use a stack loader for quick editing. Good viewing light is important--daylight is terrible! Sort slides for right side up, then look. Pitch the really bad ones...thatís right--pitch 'em. Stack them by subject, and put protective squares of cardboard at each end.

For slide viewing, draw a diagonal line across the edge of your stack to show their order and right side up.

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