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This exploration of Flagstaff history focuses on life from a child's perspective. Read and enjoy. Click on images you want to see in full.

Why did people come to Flagstaff? They came because water was available for people, crops, and animals. They came to the San Francisco Peaks for religious reasons. They came for the lumber. They came to enjoy the beauty of the Peaks.


Introducing a TimelineFlagstaff History Timeline

What was life like for children in

Imagine that it is 11,000 years ago. The area was cooler and wetter than today. "Paleo-Indian" children lived with their parents in a group of about 40 people. Their fathers hunted mammoths--huge, shaggy elephants--for food. They were nomadic, which means they moved from place to place.

Imagine now that it is 2,500 years ago. Prehistoric Puebloan Indian children in the area made clothing, such as sandals, and baskets out of plant material. A favorite toy might have been a split-twig figurine.

Diaries to the Past

One thousand years ago the Pueblo people built elaborate cities like Wupatki. The kids worked in the fields, growing corn, squash, beans, and cotton. They probably loved to listen to the traders who came to their village from the south and brought wonderful seashells. They played with clay figurines: miniature people, dogs, and houses.

When the Spanish conquistadors--who were soldiers and explorers searching for gold--entered Northern Arizona in 1540, they wrote intheir diaries about meeting the Hopi, Yavapai, and Havasupai Indians, who gathered pinon nuts and hunted mule deer near the Peaks.

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