Flagstaff History Timeline: Part Two




Timelines help students recognize events in chronological order. Northern Arizona is a historically rich environment, from the prehistoric to the present time. To understand the legacy left here, students can review the Flagstaff for Kids! web page then complete a timeline puzzle on their own.




Students will be able to put historical events in chronological order.


Grade level/Subject area:


      Grades 4 - 8

      Social Studies

      Arizona History

      US History





Rulers, pre-cut strips of timeline paper (24 x 3 will work), crayons/markers, list of events


Instructional Strategies:


1. Read the web page "Flagstaff History for Kids!"


2. Review the concepts of BCE (Before Common Era) and CE (Common Era). Also, remind students how divide inches into years (example: inch equals 1 year, how long does their timeline paper need to be?)


3. Students will place in order major events of Flagstaff's history on a timeline.


4. Include the following events on the handout: Leave them out of order and add more!


Student Instructions


  1. Read the web site and place the approximate year next to each event
  2. Place the events in order
  3. Measure your timeline. Divide it into BCE and CE sections.
  4. Add the events to your timeline


      Flagstaff gets its name!

      Lake Mary dam was built

      Emerson School

      Paelo-Indians move to Flagstaff

      Pueblo people build Wupatki

      Rio de Flag Flood

      Spanish Conquistadors

      Prehistoric Puebloan Indians in the Flagstaff area

      Northern Arizona Normal School



Art Extension:


On your timeline, illustrate each event with a mini-picture.




      Ask students to verbally list the above events in order. Write their answers on the board and students can self-check their work.

      Display student work around the classroom.

      Allow students to view each others timeline are the measurements the same for each era or year.




At the end of this lesson, students will be able to:


      Identify major events in Flagstaff history

      List events in chronological order



This lesson correlates to the following Arizona Social Studies Standards:





Students analyze the human experience through time, recognize the relationships of events and people, and interpret significant patterns, themes, ideas, beliefs, and turning points in Arizona, American, and world history.


PO 1. Place key events on a timeline and apply chronological terms correctly, including B.C.E. (B.C.), C.E. (A.D.), decade, century, and generation