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Book Review – Shadows at Dawn: A Borderland Massacre and the Violence of History


Our volunteer, Tom Schmidt, would like to share his book review of Shadows at Dawn: A Borderland Massacre by Karl Jacoby.

Here’s a teaser of his review…Western American history is dominated by violence toward Native Americans, most notably the Bear River Massacre of the Shoshone Indians of 1863 and the Wounded Knee Massacre of the Lakotas in 1890. However, one massacre that has not attracted much attention until recently is the 1871 Camp Grant massacre in the Arizona borderlands. Unlike the other incidents, there were more sides than whites and Indians. On April 30, 1871, a force of Anglo Americans, Mexican Americans, and Tohono O’odham Indians attacked a camp of Apache Indians near Tucson, killing scores of women and children. All of the parties involved had a history of conflict with the Apaches.

To read the full review, please visit Tom’s blog Reader’s Advice.

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