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Euler Internship Announced!

Take a look at the library’s Jobs and Internships page and you’ll notice a new internship opportunity has recently appeared. While the previously-posted Elizabeth M. and P.T. Reilly Internship is available to students from across the country/world, this most recent opportunity is specifically geared towards NAU students only. A for-credit internship experience, the Euler internship deftly integrates the academic disciplines of anthropology, history, archives, and museum studies. Robert C. Euler was an active archaeologist/anthropologist who worked extensively throughout northern Arizona for several decades (1950s-1990s) with myriad cultural organizations and museums. After his passing in 2002, a large group of materials was donated to Special Collections and Archives. Analysis of these materials has yielded many concerns related to original ownership/copyright, land status management, curation agreements, and tribal sovereignty over the dissemination of their culture. The returning of materials to agencies of ownership or tribally-affiliated communities will be the end result of comprehensive research and analysis of the collection. Successful interns will learn primary-resource research skills; become familiar with archaeological field practices and tools; demonstrate┬ácultural sensitivity in the management of historical resources; and serve an important role in the comprehensive and ethical disposition of a grouping of primary source materials. SCA feels that there is a solid foundation with this opportunity for scholarly output, such as a thesis/dissertation or another peer-review article in the fields of archaeology and/or archival science. Click here to learn more information, including how to apply! Applications are due March 20, 2015.


Lily Wilder, Walapai [Hualapai], 1955. Courtesy of Cline Library, Special Collections and Archives

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