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SCA’s Fred Harvey exhibit hits the road.

NAU.PH. Billboard Advertising Seligman Fred Harvey Hotel and Coffee Shop

Special Collections and Archives is proud to lend our 2015 Fred Harvey exhibit to the Winslow Arts Trust  (WAT) who will be combining it with items being loaned by the Harvey Girls of Winslow.

From the Winslow Arts Trust webpage

The original exhibit was co-curated by SCA archivist, Sean Evans and the Elizabeth and P.T. Reilly Intern, Ofelia Zepeda, titled Fred Harvey: Branding the Southwest which included an online exhibit that can be viewed on SCA’s previous exhibits web page.

NAU.PH. Fred Harvey

Although an official opening date has not been announced by WAT, the images are hung and can now be viewed during their open hours.  For more information you can view their webpage: Winslow Arts Trust .

Display at Winslow Arts Trust.  Photo courtesy Sean Evans
Display at Winslow Arts Trust. Photo courtesy Sean Evans
Photo courtesy Sean Evans

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