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Great news from the archives!

In Special Collections and Archives we’re excited to share some good news. We’ve lowered our prices for high resolution digital image files and we’ve added a shopping cart feature to make it easier for you to order. Here’s what that means for you. When browsing historic images located in our Digital Collections, if something catches your eye, just add it to your shopping cart. When you’re done browsing, complete your purchase through our online payment system and within 3 business days this could be hanging on your wall:

[Side Canyon] Tad Nichols Collection, NAU.PH.
Photo courtesy: Tad Nichols, 1956

We have thousands of images to choose from and something for everyone, like this hogan and shade house in Canyon De Chelley, Arizona.

Canyon De Chelley, AZ . The Edward J. Dawson Collection,
NAU.PH.2006.41.3.3. Photo courtesy Edward J. Dawson.

Or this 1924 image of Old Main.

[Old Main and Ashurst Auditorium in the snow.] Northern Arizona University Archives. NAU.ARC.1924.2.2 Photographer unknown.

We even have photos of early “van life.” In the days before Instagram, this camper van was equipped with a dark room for photo processing while roving.

[Parker Hamilton in his camper van], The Parker and Hildegard Hamilton Collection. NAU.PH.2003.
Photo Courtesy: Hildegard Hamilton circa 1970

Or finally, for National Bike Month, how about this image of the Coconino Cycle Club circa 1900.

Coconino Cycle Club in front of the Arizona Lumber and Timber Company Commissary. AHS.0025.00017. Photographer unknown.

For more information, visit our Ordering from the Archives page. The options are endless, so take a look at our Digital Collections and see what you can find.

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