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Special Collections and Archives Student Assistant Profile – Danielle Dlugajczyk


Hi, my name is Danielle Dlugajczyk. I am a senior at Northern Arizona University and I am majoring in English with an emphasis in Literature.

How Long Have You Been Working at Special Collections and Archives?

I have been working in the Special Collections and Archives Department of Cline Library for three full years.

What Does Your Job as a Student Assistant Entail?

As a student worker in SCA I have three important jobs: paging books and other material for patrons, re-shelving all material that was requested during the work day, and digitizing material for online access.

What Collections Have You Worked On?

The one collection that may be considered my career project at SCA is President Clara Lovett’s Presidential Papers. I have spent most of my time working on labeling, foldering, and boxing her collection, as well as updating the EAD guide that can be found on Arizona Archives Online. The best “find” in her collection were the speeches of her predecessor, President Eugene Hughes. He spoke on several occasions about MLK day, which before 1993 was not recognized by Arizona as a Holiday. Besides Lovett’s Presidential Papers, I have worked with the Commencement Programs for NAU, the Athletics Collection, and the Student Organizations collection. In a way, I have more experience with the university archives collections than Colorado Plateau collections.

What’s the Most Interesting Collection or Item You’ve Come across Since You Worked in SCA and Why Did It Pique Your Curiosity?

One of my favorite projects dealt with the Robert Fronske Photograph Collection. I was tasked with finding photographs pertaining to NAU that could potentially be used in a Repeat Photography history class. The collection is one of the bigger photograph collections in the NAU Archives—I think I spent a good three or four months sifting through the photographs, finding several pictures that told their own stories about the history of NAU.

Working at Cline Library has also given me opportunities to work with Arizona Historical Society— through interning at Riordan Mansion and being an archivist intern, processing the Melick Collection. All of these experiences have taught me just how important preservation of history is. When I came to work at Cline, I did not expect to love the work done in the Archives; however, I have come to appreciate what archivist do for the public. Although I do not plan on becoming an archivist myself, I plan to become a public librarian.

What Are Your Plans following Graduation?

After I graduate this year, I will go on a mission for 18 months through my church. I am hoping to gain some much needed cultural experience outside of the United States.

How Has Your Work in the Library and Special Collections and Archives Prepared You for Your Post-baccalaureate Plans?

When I come back, I will apply to several graduate programs that deal with Library and Information Sciences. I hope to one day be working at a public library as a children’s area manager. I look forward to my future career goals and I thank the SCA staff for working with me to develop skills that will hopefully increase my ability to reach those goals.

Danielle, from all of us at Special Collections and Archives, we would like to thank you for the amazing work you do and wish you the best with your future endeavors. We would also like to thank you for the delicious treats you bring to work!

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