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The Fred Harvey exhibit (for 2015-16) begins to take form


The library will be posting the 2015-16 Elizabeth and P.T. Reilly Internship announcement shortly (and it will be posted here when that happens) as an official kick-off to the beginning of the planning and construction of the Fred Harvey Exhibit. Internally, our discussions have focused on using the Fred Harvey Collection housed here as the foundation for a southwest-based exploration of the business, and its impacts on the region. For us in northern Arizona, the Harvey company placed some of its most impressive facilities along the Santa Fe mainline- in close proximity to Route 66. La Posada in Winslow; the Harvey facilities at Petrified Forest/Painted Desert;  the Escalante in Ash Fork; the Havasu House in Seligman; all of the Grand Canyon facilities including El Tovar, Hermits’ Rest, Desert Tower and even at in the canyon at Phantom Ranch; the La Fonda in Santa Fe; and the facilities in Albuquerque on the railroad and at the airport all helped define for rail or road travelers what the “southwest” was all about. There were “Harvey Car” “Indian Detour” trips to various reservations to be taken, layovers at quality Harvey hotels. These Harvey facilities, while perhaps aimed at the rail traveler initially, came to be part of Route 66 as well providing accommodations overnight and quality food for those traveling by car.


Our exhibit will probably focus on the relationship between the Harvey Company and Native cultures; architecture (especially of Mary Jane Colter); the Harvey Girls (and the motion picture by the same title); the food (we have menus, recipes and more from all across the Harvey empire); but perhaps most of all, that sense of travel, adventure and tourism so well defined and shaped by the Harvey Company.


Watch this space as we report on our progress, our intern and fun stuff we find to display along the way!

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