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Project Credits

Project Sponsors: The Dorothy T. and James J. Hanks Cline Library Endowment and the Cline Library

Curator and Text: Claudine Taillac

Project Manager: Karen Underhill, Peter Runge, and Todd Welch

Text Editors: Claudine Taillac, Julie Swann, and Jonathan Pringle

Photographers: Tyler Wade, Dr. Mike Amundson, and Todd Welch

Exhibit Fabrication: Jess Vogelsang and Susan McGlothlin

Technical Assistance: Alan Angerbauer

Multimedia Display and Website: Todd Welch

Student Assistance: Danielle Dlugajczyk, Jackson Klinefelter, Austin Ringes, Ariel Apple, and Kelsey Moen

SCA Staff: Sean Evans, Susan McGlothlin, Delia Munoz, Jonathan Pringle, Peter Runge, and Todd Welch