Babbitt Brothers Trading Post

At the turn of the twentieth century, David, George, William, Charles, and Edward Babbitt established the Babbitt Brothers Trading Company in Flagstaff in 1889, along with a series of trading posts and other businesses in northern Arizona. Their successful ventures, as well as their educational, cultural, and religious contributions to local communities, aided growth and development in the region.[1]

Interior of the Babbitt Brothers Trading Post, 1920 (original), Babbitt Brothers Trading Company Collection, NAU.PH.421.1, Cline Library Special Collections and Archives, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Arizona.

More than a century later their legacy lives on, and the Babbitt Brothers Trading Post looks as clear as it did when a photographer captured its interior in 1920, thanks to the assistance of James E. Babbitt. Donations and funding like this allow archivists to improve and restore the quality of photographs, maps, and other documents.

Interior of the Babbitt Brothers Trading Post, 1920 (digitally enhanced).


[1]Dean Smith, Brothers Five: The Babbitts of Arizona (Tempe: Arizona Historical Foundation, 1989), 61-76.

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