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Katie Lee in Other Collections

The Katie Lee Exhibit will be constructed primarily from materials digitized from The Katie Lee collection now housed here at NAU.

However, there are other collections, both at Special Collections and Archives at NAU and elsewhere, in which Katie Lee has been mentioned or photographed. At NAU, these collections include the Tad Nichols Collection and the Richard (Dick) Sprang Collection. The Tad Nichols Collection has been especially helpful for understanding who Katie Lee was and her deep connection to Glen Canyon.

Nichols, Tad, 1911-
Katie Lee at California Bar caves. ‘We Three’ Trip – September/October 1955. [constructed title]

For more information about collections with Katie Lee at other institutions in Arizona, please refer to Arizona Archives Online (http://azarchivesonline.org/xtf/search?keyword=katie+lee).

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