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Elizabeth M and PT Reilly Internship: Week 1 – Research and Planning

            This year’s Special Collections and Archives exhibit, created by the Elizabeth M. and PT Reilly intern (me, see previous post), will feature and celebrate the life of Katie Lee, a singer, songwriter, actress, river runner, and activist. This summer, I will curate and develop an online and physical exhibit for Special Collections and Archives at Cline Library that will open in mid-October 2019. As this year’s Reilly intern, I would like to share my first week’s progress. I have been reading through her books and going through her manuscript collection. I’m reviewing photographs connected to Katie and the people and places she adored. Below, she is exploring Labyrinth Canyon in Glen Canyon in 1956 – one of her favorite places. Glen Canyon was her escape from Hollywood and performing and became her refuge until the Glen Canyon Dam was completed in 1963. After her Eden was dammed, Katie did not return to Glen Canyon and she advocated for the dam to be removed until her death in 2017.             

Katie Lee in Labyrinth Canyon, Glen Canyon. Photograph courtesy of Tad Nichols Collection (NAU.PH.

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