Exhibit credits

Curator and Elizabeth and P.T. Reilly Intern (2012) Andie Belone and NAU Cline Library, Special Collections and Archives staff.
Display Cases
Introduction: Andie Belone; Karen Underhill
1926-1946: R. Sean Evans
1947-1969: Susan McGlothlin
1970-1979: Jonathan Pringle
Photographic and wall panel prints: Jess Vogelsang
Captions and Text: Karen Underhill and Susan McGlothlin
Quotes: Delia Muñoz
Daily Sun headlines: Nona Valancius
Exhibit Web Site Construction*: Todd Welch
*(Web design based on U.S. National Archives, "What's Cooking Uncle Sam?")

Flagstaff All-Indian Pow-Wow, Inc. logo, courtesy of the Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce.

Special thanks to: Ed George, John Running, Catherine Talakte, June Benally, Mike Cromer, and Betty Walker Quayle.