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Campus Life

Events and Activities

What does being an NAU student mean? Outside of belonging to student organizations, there are many avenues of involvement, including events such as Family Weekend, Homecoming and attending concerts. Campus activities also involve more than just current students: the local community has access to public performances and cultural offerings at NAU. The "Town and Gown" relationship has been mutually beneficial, with students finding part-time employment during the academic year, and NAU providing cultural and economic benefits to the community.

Enacted in 1972 by Congress, a federal law -- Title IX -- required gender equity for men and women in educational programs that receive federal funding. This groundbreaking law affected campus life at NAU, especially dorm life. Dorm regulations for women, which had included strict curfews, restrictions on male guests, and limits on off-campus housing, were removed. Dorm facilities also had to be made equal, as women's dorms had been styled after apartments, while men were still living in shared rooms with no appliances.

Clubs and Organizations

Clubs and student organizations have a very long history at NAU. The Hiking Club and the Chain Gang are the two oldest organizations: both were founded in 1927. The oldest fraternity, Tau Kappa Epsilon, dates back to 1954, and the oldest NAU sorority, Gamma Phi Beta, dates back to 1957. There are a variety of clubs at NAU, including service, club sports, religious, cultural and residence hall councils. Once Title IX, providing for gender equity was enacted in 1972, the clubs that were designated as strictly men's or strictly women's organizations became coed. NAU's club histories show the changing social dynamic of student life through the years. Currently, there are over 350 registered clubs or student groups on NAU's campus.








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