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While the Fred Harvey Company spanned "3000 Miles of Hospitality," this exhibit examines the company’s influence on tourism within the nearly 1,000 miles of the Santa Fe Railway in the Southwest region of the United States. It focuses on the Harvey houses and hotels between La Castaneda in Las Vegas, N.M., and Union Station in Los Angeles, California.

The Fred Harvey Company compellingly shaped tourism in the Southwest through its branding and marketing of the region. It provided fresh food and coffee served by "Harvey Girls' and established many an oasis - in the form of "Harvey Houses" - along the rails. Design was an important factor in the branding of the company. It employed Mary Elizabeth Jane Colter, who has been deemed the "Architect of the Southwest" and whose vision made the "Santa Fe" style a lasting motif in the region.

The Fred Harvey Company developed a brand of tourism that popularized the Southwest and left a continuing legacy in many locations. Thanks to the dedication of caring individuals and the responsible stewardship of cultural institutions, the majesty of the Fred Harvey Company continues to live today in archival repositories and museums around America, including the Cline Library Special Collections and Archives.


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