[NAU.PH.] Ranger Montgomery and Bert Lauzon going down Bright Angel Trail, December 4 1919.Ranger Montgomery and Bert Lauzon going down the Bright Angel Trail, December 4, 1919. The lumber was being packed in to the site of the first suspension bridge.

In 1920, Bert Lauzon began work as the custodian for the Bright Angel Trail, a position he maintained for eight years. In addition, he served as Constable for Coconino County from 1922 to 1928.

The Bright Angel Trail was managed by Ralph Cameron prior to 1906. He charged tourists $1.00 for every trip down or up the trail. In 1906, the trail came under the ownership of Coconino County, but Cameron received the franchise to maintain the route and collect tolls.

[NAU.PH.] Matt Kimes.Matt Kimes.

As a constable, Bert performed many arrests for minor infractions of the law, but occasionally he dealt with more serious crimes. In 1927, he was involved in the apprehension of gangster Matt Kimes, who was wanted for bank robbery and murder.

The hours and distances covered in this service were often long, and must have kept Bert away from his family and ranching activities.

[NAU.PH.] Bottom to top: Bert Lauzon, Felix Manning, Goodman, friends of Coconino Cty, Supervisors, head of Bright Angel Trail, August 9 1922.Bottom to top: Bert Lauzon, Bill Campbell, Felix Manning (County Health Officer), Goodman (County Engineer) & 2 friends of Coconino County Supervisors, at head of Bright Angel Trail, August 9, 1922. (Click to close)

The year 1928 heralded many changes for Bert. Ownership of the Bright Angel trail was transferred to the National Park Service. Lauzon concluded his business as Constable, and he applied to work as a Park Ranger.

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