"Grand Canyon Film Show" Log (approximate time in minutes)

00:00   introduction
00:30   mules on trail
01:30   horses/burros swim across river
03:30   cage on cable crossing
04:30   roping bighorn ewe, Cheyava Falls
06:00   mules, Edith on suspension bridge
06:30   Kolb on a rope
08:00   map showing Green/Grand/Colorado rivers and boating
08:30   dams
09:30   Glen and Bessie Hyde
10:30   rescue plane for Hydes
11:00   rescue boat for Hydes
11:30   Hyde skow
13:30   Kolb telescope
14:00   Kolb boats
15:00   canyon names by John Wesley Powell
16:00   Disaster Falls on Green River
17:00   Hells Half Mile on Green River
17:30   ranch @ CO/UT/WY, horse thieves
19:00   Flaming Gorge
20:00   Ashley Falls
20:30   lining boats
22:00   "With the women, it's always fear; with the men, it's always heart trouble"
23:30   holding camera on boat in rapid
24:00   1921 USGS boat stuck in Cataract Canyon for 28 hours
27:00   two men on boat in rapids
28:00   overland to Rainbow Bridge
28:30   Cave Springs, two days rest, 1911
29:30   Cave Springs, USGS, 1923
30:30   USGS group photo with boat, 1923
31:00   lost boat Mojave at Cave Springs, snow on rim, clouds fill in Canyon
31:30   Edith at telescope/Edith in panniers on burro
32:00   Kolb bros. down Bright Angel Trail in snow
32:30   rapids, skeleton
33:00   Christmas Eve icy portage
34:00   hole in boat
34:30   Bert Lauzon with rescue rope
35:30   Havasu Creek
36:00   photo locations USGS 1921/1923
40:00   USGS rescue
40:30   lower Colorado River sediments, Imperial Valley, Salton Sea, El Golfo
42:00   Chef Koms (Kominski), USGS 1923 Boulder/Hoover Dam bypass opens/congressional reps. in cable car
43:00   Kolb book with 100 photos, promo: sold for $1 less at Kolb studio
44:00   end

Compiled and updated by rdq on 04/02/04.